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Welcome to the Egyptian Association of Canterbury

July 9, 2010

The Egyptian Association of Canterbury (EAC) is a New Zealand non-profit charitable organisation. EAC was established in Christchurch in March 2004. Membership is open to all residents of Canterbury who are of Egyptian origin or descent.

Principles and goals

The EAC offers and provides help, orientation and support to new Egyptian immigrants who arrive into Canterbury.
EAC upholds the values of participatory democracy, all members from all backgrounds are able to access the elected management committee and all views are to be given equal consideration at general meetings.
EAC serves as a unifying organisation for the local Egyptian community in order to give the community a voice and presence on the local scene. Having an official organisation for the Egyptian community should imbue it with the capacity to be a more effective participant in local life.
Maintain close contacts and communication with governmental and non governmental organisations, public domains and private entities and organisations.


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July 9, 2010

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